Middle School

CCA in the Spotlight: World Scholar's Cup

"I did it all for the alpaca." Caleb

World Scholar's Cup is an international organization that hosts academic tournaments around the world. At the tournaments, students participate in four events. Success in the events is directly related to a student's ability to research, write, and debate. But it's so much more.

At Concordia, our grades 5-8 WSC CCA is a place where students can build self-confidence while honing their research and debate skills. Our coaches support students as they develop the necessary skills for the tournaments. The primary focus of the work we do each week is research that leads to debates.

Students join WSC for many reasons. Here are just a few reasons why our students at Concordia join:

"We learn debating and that's a life skill." Roselyn


"In 5th grade, I signed up for WSC because my mom made me. However, after the first CCA class, I loved WSC. It was a great place to learn debate, writing, and other knowledge that would help me in other classes. After our first big successful competition with my team, I learned a lot, experienced a lot, and realized that WSC was a perfect CCA for me.

"Now, I do debate as a class, and have improved a lot from the first competition. In WSC, my favorite part is debating. Obviously, writing and scholars challenge are also important, but nothing has left as big of an impact on my life as debating has.

"Finally, I think that I was a bit quick to judgement and need to take into consideration the fact that current fifth graders were my past, and judging them would be like judging my past, which has brought me to today. Reflecting on some of the decision I have made is important and I need to strive to be someone better and more open. " Samuel


"Over the years, I had more time to practice my debating, public speaking, and research skills from WSC." Abriel


"I have grown in WSC by learning debating and the two sides, positive and negative, of a debate." Micah


"I enjoy being in a team with my friends, I also like the study guide for WSC." Nicholas


"Winning is fun." Ava

So come join the fun!