Middle School

Fine Arts: Theatre

Grade 5 and 6 students are required to take a theatre exploration course, as well as participate in the Grade 5-6 Drama Showcase. For those students who take a further interest in theatre, Grade 7 and 8 students are offered theatre electives and can audition for a part in the annual Grade 7-8 play.

Grade 5 Drama

Grade 5 Drama is the first opportunity for students to receive formal theatre instruction at Concordia. The focus of the class is on students having fun while helping them to develop confidence in front of an audience. Foundations in speaking, emoting, and stage movement are taught in this semester-long course.

Grade 6 Drama

Grade 6 Drama builds on the skills learned in Grade 5 by refining the tools each student has in his or her actor’s toolbox: voice, body and mind. Students play games and complete exercises to further develop their skills. Students are taught the fundamentals of working in an ensemble and creating a scene in this semester-long course.

Grade 7/8 Drama

Acting Elective

The Grade 7-8 Acting Elective builds on the foundation developed in Grade 6 Drama and focuses on performance. Students learn to analyze and perform monologues, partner scenes, and short plays. Students may also study other performance skills such puppetry or stage combat in this semester-long course.

Technical Theatre Elective

The Grade 7-8 Technical Theatre Elective focuses on the intricacies of the backstage. Students learn to design and execute all of the technical things needed to make a show run: lights, sound, scenery, stagecraft, costumes and make up in this semester-long course.

All Grade 7-8 students have to opportunity to audition for the Middle School play, which is performed once a year.

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