Middle School

Concordia’s Middle School program serves grades five to eight and is designed to further develop the intellectual, social and emotional growth of our pre and young adolescent students. Here, a student’s mind and body are challenged, their imagination and ingenuity expressed, and their spiritual life enlarged though self-exploration and service to others.   

Growth and Development in a Safe Environment

Middle School students are presented with greater expectations for independence in their academic and co-curricular pursuits. Within a supportive and positive environment, they are encouraged to explore leadership through increased social and personal responsibilities, including the appropriate use of technology.

Because this is a unique period of intellectual, social, emotional, and physical growth, the members of our middle school faculty work in partnership with parents to create a school community that is supportive and responsive to the unique needs of the middle school student, helping to ensure that each student experiences challenge and success.

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Learning in Middle School

Academics in Middle School progressively build upon the knowledge students acquired in elementary school and prepare them for the rigor and pace of high school. Students explore a greater number of courses and co-curricular activities, expanding their fundamental body of knowledge and the skills necessary for deeper interpretation and real-world application. 

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Stories from the Middle School