High School


PLEASE NOTE: If students are on campus on the day of an assessment, they are required to take the assessment on that day; for example, if a student comes to school at C block and misses a test during A or B Block, the student needs to take the test during their study hall if they have study hall that afternoon, or stay after school to take the assessment if they don't have a study hall, unless other agreements are made with teachers.


If a student leaves early from school, say at lunch time, students are required to have parental permission to do so or be dismissed by the nurse. The hope is that students share with parents whether they will be missing a scheduled assessment when they miss classes.  In that case, students need to make up the assessment the very next day (even if it’s a Day 2 and the test was on a Day 1), unless the teacher informs the student that they can wait for for another day. Students who don’t follow through with taking assessments will receive the same zero they would receive for not handing in other assignments or assessments for class.