High School

Last Week of Giving March!

Dear parents, 

Welcome to the last week of Giving March! If you haven’t made a gift yet this school year, we invite you to join in this last week! You can click here to give now. 

This month we have focused on sharing some of the ways your students are involved in helping others. 

Sometimes a small effort turns into something much bigger. 

Last year some students volunteered to help children. They traveled to Shining Star in Guangzhou to work with children whose parents have left them to find better work and to a school in Cambodia that provides free afternoon education in areas where education isn’t available (Garuna Foundation). 

Changed by their experiences, students came back and shared with fellow students, teachers, and staff. Those experiences inspired others to get involved. For example, a MS class wrote books for children about important things they thought they should know and our HS students brought the books down to Guangzhou on a second trip.

Equipped with the ability to help, Concordia’s HS club Reading Hope collected, curated, and distributed seven libraries to each of the Garuna schools in Cambodia. Reading Hope is currently working on a library for Shining Star. 

This month, our whole school joined in supporting this effort. They collected books so Reading Hope can continue providing books for children who don’t have the kind of access to books as our school does.   

One of the exciting aspects to these projects is to see how, through collaboration, our students are making a greater impact. 

Gifts to the Concordia Fund help to make these kinds of outreach opportunities possible and enable us to grow future service opportunities.  

Gifts to the Concordia Fund can also support enrichment opportunities. Like with the example above, collaboration yields some exciting results. 

Thank you for your support!