High School

Flex Time: First and foremost a time for students to conference with teachers

The high school offers flextime in our daily schedule. On Mondays, we have a divisional assembly in the Rittmann. On the other four days, we have that time set aside for five main purposes:

1. OFFICE HOURS. If students need to make up work, or get help from a teacher, this is the primary reason we offer flex each day.  However, we're finding that when teachers request students come for extra help or assistance, many students are not following through. This is unfortunate, as such support could make a big difference in students' understanding of class material.   Anything you as parents can do--or say--on your end to encourage your child to take advantage of such daily offerings would be appreciated. 

2. CCA MEETINGS. As long as students are not scheduled to meet with teachers for academic support during flex time, then they may meet with their CCAs. 

3. COLLABORATION. Many of our courses offer group collaboration work, and flex time is perfect for meeting the needs of students who may not have other times available in their schedules to meet outside of class with their groups. 

4. STUDY GROUPS. Students may also use this time to form study groups for their different classes, especially in advance of any assessments.

5. COUNSELOR/GRADE-LEVEL/DIVISIONAL MEETINGS. Our counselors, at times, need to meet with particular groups of students (this week was for the freshman seminar); we sometimes need to have grade-level meetings depending on what's on the horizon; we also run sessions at times to share information with the whole school (such as our assemblies on The Dangers of Vaping, and How to Combat Stress and Depression that we had last year, or even previews for our upcoming theater productions). 


Please encourage your child to USE FLEX TIME WISELY!  OFFICE HOURS with teachers take precedence.