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AP Bio Students Use New Microscopes

Concordia AP Bio students are now using Motic M150 S microscopes, which are equipped to capture photo and video images. The student microscopes are part of a science equipment initiative to upgrade lab equipment and provide opportunities for high level research. The microscopes were made possible through gifts to the Concordia Fund.

Here, AP Bio student Kelly Fai ('22) shares here experience using the new microscopes:

"We used the new microscope to observe the amyloplast and the starch content in ripening bananas last week. The new microscopes have screens on them, which we can download the app and directly see or even take a screenshot from our phones. This is a lot more convenient, and the quality of the images is even better than what we can see through the lens.

"A problem we had during the lab was that the lagging of image transmission. Another problem was that your phone had to connect to the wifi of the equipment and download an app in order for this system to work, and some of us couldn't connect to the wifi, or the signals were unstable, which we had to reset and reconnect to the wifi.

"Using the microscope, we found that the more ripe banana has less starch content than the unripe banana, which means the starch is broken down into glucose and sucrose during the ripening process."

AP Bio Pic 3