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AL Chemical Engineering (offered SY 20/21, 22/23)

This course introduces students to chemical engineering through the process of roasting and brewing coffee. The job of a chemical engineer is to design ways to convert matter to a more useful form. In this course students will learn how to take matter in one form, green coffee beans and convert it into a more usable form, coffee. In this lab based class students will perform inquiry experiments that illustrate key chemical engineering principles such chemical kinetics, mass transfer, conservation of energy, fluid motion and colloids. In semester one they will start with engineering analysis and end with design. The semester will culminate in a design project in which students will publish and share their results with the greater coffee community.

In semester 2, students will be utilizing all of the coffee science they have learned in semester 1 and apply it to the roasting and brewing processes for Concordia’s social enterprise, Third Culture Coffee Roasters. Student's will have the opportunity to further pursue rigorous scientific investigations of their choice in the realm of coffee science.

Duration: 1 year
Credit: 1.0
Prerequisite: 2 years of science, one being chemistry

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