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AL Author Study* (Not offered SY 20/21)

This semester-long applied learning course provides advanced study of a significant author of the student’s choosing (with teacher approval). Individually, each student will focus on a selection of works by his or her chosen author, examining a range of issues associated with that writer's literary canon, critical reception, and longevity. Coursework will include an in-depth study of form, style, and genre; social, cultural, and political contexts; dominant themes, motifs, and structures. This close examination of one particular writer offers students the unique opportunity to hone their own critical reading, critical thinking, and critical writing skills, as they take an in-depth, scholarly look at an author of their choice. Frequent sharing of insights and researched findings will allow for a lively academic exchange of developing literary perspectives. This course is for serious bibliophiles only.

Duration:1 Semester
Credit: 0.5
Prerequisite: Two years of English, a conference with the teacher of the course, and a commitment to begin reading over the summer.  Placement determined by the English Department.

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