High School

Concordia’s High School offers a rich academic, athletic and fine arts program to students in grades nine to twelve. Our focus is on providing authentic learning opportunities and a variety of life experiences through a tailored, flexible curriculum that lets students focus on their interests and talents while further developing their academic personalities. 

Students Pursue their Passions

Students are encouraged to pursue a balanced course of study that challenges them academically, emboldens them socially and spurs them spiritually. Whether they have a proclivity for the sciences or the humanities, high-level mathematics or the arts, Concordia students can find opportunities to flourish within the high school program.

High school students encounter greater chances for leadership and service both in and out of the classroom through a wide variety of specialized courses and co-curricular clubs and activities.

Experienced and passionate faculty and dedicated parents create a strong community that supports students in their education and self-discovery. Concordia’s High School produces well-rounded, well-educated, resourceful individuals who are prepared to take their places in the world.

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Learning in High School

Concordia's High School offers a premier international school education based on an American curriculum which allows our students to identify and explore their passions, helping guide and prepare them for university. 

In addition to a number of Advanced Placement (AP) options across disciplines, the High School offers Applied Learning courses that provide authentic opportunities for students to deepen their understanding of subjects in which they have an interest. Concordia is also a member of the Global Online Academy, which offers an array of rigorous credit-bearing courses that allow students to personalize their learning.

You can learn about Concordia's Graduation Requirements here.


Course Catalog

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