Elementary School

Storyteller - Joel ben Izzy

This week students had a special guest visiting Concordia - Joel ben Izzy! Joel is a traveling storyteller and author from California and he joined grade-level groups via the magic of Zoom. 

 For over thirty-five years Joel has traveled around the world gathering and telling stories in over 36 countries. During that time he also recorded six award-winning CDs and wrote two books of his stories. 

 This week he enthralled students with a few stories that he has gathered on his worldwide travels. Joel grabbed the attention of the students through his animation and audience participation. As many of our students and families get ready to celebrate the Chinese New Year holiday, Joel thought it fitting to begin the storytelling sessions with a Chinese Folktale. This folktale was a beautiful tale about a farmer who sold pears to the villagers, but there was one villager who could not afford to pay the price. This tale teaches students the value of being kind and generous with others. A wonderful reminder in this season.