Elementary School

Social Skills and The Home and School Connection

We encourage parents to practice social skills at home with their children.  The ES Counselors believe that communication and social skills are areas of students’ education which are critical for future success academically, socially, and personally. As we all know, those who hold high positions in the workforce typically have strong communication and social skills. We notice at school that students who are proficient in social skills do make friends easier.  

From our experience when families have similar expectations for social skills and practice these important skills with their children, it truly becomes for enjoyable to communicate as a family, and with practice and expectations at both home and school, students do make dramatic progress and eventually, social skills become automatic, routine, and habit for our students.

 Here are some suggestions for practicing social skills with your children:

  • Making sure that your child is using polite words; please, thank you, and you are welcome.

  • Practicing at home using greetings with eye contact and an appropriate voice level.

  • Engaging in conversation to find out about others.

  • Encouraging your child to reach out to friends and family members in person.

  • Helping your child make connections with other students; such as setting up playdates. 

  • Focusing on their appreciation for others and what they are grateful for. Using a gratitude journal to record 3 things that your child is grateful for each day. 

  • Helping to increase your child’s emotional intelligence by encouraging your child to continue to share their day and any concerns that they might have. 

  • Dinner time with family is a wonderful time and place for family members to connect, communicate, and practice social skills.

Feel free to reach out to the ES Counselors anytime you need any type of support for your children and family.

 Thanks so much for your partnership!