Elementary School

Shout Outs: Creating a Culture of Encouragement

Everyone likes to know when they are doing something well and be acknowledged for what they are doing. 

In this Grade One class, the teachers decided to put up a ‘Shout Out Wall’ to create a culture of encouragement in their classroom and to spread positivity. 

Teachers explained that they acknowledge students who are going above and beyond with their school work, with their behavior, or treating their peers with kindness and respect. Students respond well to praise and encouragement from their teachers, but it does not stop there.

Students are also beginning to notice the good things that their own classmates are doing and they are writing notes to acknowledge others. Students enjoy giving Shout Outs to one another, to their teachers, or specialist teachers. This initiative is teaching students to praise others when they notice something good and specifically name what they notice.

This encouragement is not limited to the students and teachers in the classroom, even parents have sent in ‘Shout Outs’ that can be put up on the wall to take part in this positive class community. 

The Shout Out Wall is a great way to build a community of encouragement at school!