Elementary School

Inspiring Young Writers

This week Grade One students had a surprise visit from a group of high school students who joined their writing class. Throughout the semester,  groups of students in Ms. Stead’s creative writing class, worked on writing and illustrating their own children’s stories. 

To gather ideas for their own stories, the creative writing students read and analyzed a variety of children’s books. Then, in small groups, they came up with a rough draft for their own book including memorable characters, a plot line that would engage young readers, and a meaningful lesson. 

During the Grade One lesson, the high schoolers read aloud the final version of their story, The Fox’s Box. Each high school student in the group read a section of the story to the class.


At the end, the high school students solicited responses from the first graders about the message of the book and how they thought this lesson could be applied in their own and others lives.

First grade students bravely asked questions about the illustrations and characters that were used in the story. 

It was exciting to be part of this online lesson watching our oldest students sharing their writing with an authentic audience and showing first graders that they too, can be authors.