Elementary School

Advocating for Peace

Grade 2 students in Ms. Rubiano’s class have recently been learning about how they can be change-makers in their community. In their social studies unit, Be the Change, students decide to learn more about the virtue of peace and how to spread peace in their families, their community, and the world.

Students believe that peace can come in many different forms and that its results are impactful.

Students ideated around the question, “How might we help others feel peace during the lockdown?”  Then, students came up with some excellent ideas, such as helping their parents with chores at home, sharing food with others in their compounds, to finding creative ways to deal with small problems. 

In the presentation, students explained to the audience what peace is, how to be a peacemaker, and provided examples of peace in real life. Students thoughtfully created illustrations and poems about peace and they shared advice on how to bring about peace in your own life and the lives of others. 

It was clear that this learning experience has been meaningful and has helped students to see that they can be change-makers in their community.