Elementary School

Fine Arts

Fine Arts classes are an integral part of each and every student’s course of study at every grade level. Whether in music, theatre or art, these courses contribute to a truly holistic education.

Visual Arts

Visual Arts classes are offered twice every seven days, and provide students with hands-on experience using a wide variety of materials—paint, clay, crayons, scissors, oil pastels, yarn, glitter and watercolors—to replicate the style, technique or design used in different regions of the world.

Our elementary school art facilities include two classrooms, one for two-dimensional art and one for three-dimensional art. We also house our own kiln for firing ceramics.


General music is offered to preschool students twice every six day class rotation and three times in the same period for students in Kindergarten through Grade 4.

All students participate in both a Christmas performance and a spring performance each school year.

Grade 3 and Grade 4 students learn the recorder through the “Recorder Karate” system, earning beads as they progress through the program.

All students learn music through an Orff-based curriculum, combined with Kodaly methods.


Students further develop their art and music skills through a variety of activities offered through the school’s Co-Curricular Program

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