Early Childhood

Time for a Checkup - Developmental Milestones

At Concordia, we value partnerships! We love partnerships with parents and teachers, and we love partnering with agencies who support our students.

We are partnering with ELG of Shanghai to complete Developmental Milestone Screenings for all students on January 21 and 22, 2020. We hope you will appreciate the convenience offered by completing this important screening on campus.

Cost is 300 RMB and can be payable to ELG via code (see PDF). If you prefer not to have your child complete this screening, please inform your child’s homeroom teacher.

Parents, this is an opportunity for you to learn more about your child’s level of development in several areas of growth. Certified therapist and pathologists, trained in the younger years, will set up ‘play stations’ where your child will engage in fun, age appropriate activities for approximately twenty minutes. The developmental areas include communication skills, which involve articulation and the manipulation of language (bilingual screening is available), as well as large and small muscle skills.

The screening is a short, one-time observation of your child’s current developmental level. You may find that the results are in line with what you already know about your child, or it may provide you with new information.

The results of the screenings will be shared with you by email from ELG. You will receive a Screening Results Report completed by the therapists, which includes a short summary of findings and recommendations indicating whether follow-up would benefit your child.

This confidential report will also be shared with your child’s school and the ELG office will keep a copy in case you have further questions.

Developmental screenings are one of the best opportunities parents can provide for their child to ensure success in school and life. Research upon research has shown that early intervention is key.

These screenings can confirm that all areas of your child’s development are age appropriate and can also identify any possible delays that might need to be addressed for next year’s school readiness.

Please see PDF for more information, payment and reservation options. If you have any questions, please email your child’s classroom teacher or Kay Lambert, EC Assistant Principal.