Early Childhood

PreSchool Students Celebrate the Colors of the Rainbow

During the first and second weeks of October, our PreSchool students celebrated the colors of the rainbow. Each day celebrated a new color. Students were invited to dress in the color of the day and many educational activities occurred learning about objects having the color of the day. For example, on yellow day, students noted all of the yellow items in their classroom and in the world we live in.

STEM lessons were provided which involved the scientific study of how colors can blend and become new colors, identifying primary colors, and how colors change in nature. Some classes even included lessons regarding how colors can represent our feelings, integrating our social-emotional learning into the color celebration.

Of course, books with color themes were read, color songs were sung, and art which integrated the fun of color design were typical sights and sounds throughout PreSchool during our color celebration week. We believe our preschoolers have become color experts!

We invite you to continue to discover colors outside of school, at home, at the park and other places you visit. Encourage your child to talk and talk and talk some more about the things they are discovering and learning about at school.