Early Childhood

Kindergarteners Learn Persuasive Writing During Distance Learning

Our wonderful Kindergarten Teachers, Students, and supportive Parents have done a great job at continuing to develop writing skills during Distance Learning at Concordia International School Shanghai. The final Unit of Study in Writing is "Persuasive Writing". The Kindergarteners showed their ability to write several sentences or ideas to "persuade" their classmates to agree with their position on a topic of their choice. Below the screenshots demonstrate their engagement and learning.

The Kindergarten Teacher read the book titled, "I Don't Want To Be A Frog". This book served as a mentor text to teach the children about how to be persuasive with an audience. In this book, frog's dad tries to persuade little frog why he cannot be a cat, or an owl, or a rabbit (among other animals). Frog's dad tries to convince him that it's okay to be a frog. In the end, the wolf convinces frog that it's good to be a frog, because he won't eat him, if he's a frog.

Once the teacher explained her lesson about how to be persuasive, through the example of this book, the students began writing their own persuasive pieces to read to one another.

During Distance Learning lessons, the children were able to show each other their writing, and try to convince each other why it would be great to be a.... dolphin or a frog...

If you could be anything, what would you be?

At Concordia International School Shanghai, some of our students just might want to be a famous author! Keep up the great writing Kindergarteners!

Thank you to our Kindergarten Teachers, Students and awesome Parents! We value your partnership in this ongoing time of Distance Learning.