Early Childhood

EC Teacher Spotlight: Amy Thames

Amy Thames knew from a young age that she wanted to be a teacher. Even when she was a teenager and young adult, she loved helping out with younger children. It only felt natural that she would want to pursue a degree in education.

While in college Amy worked with children in many ways as well. Amy graduated from Louisiana College with a BA in Elementary and Kindergarten Education in 2004. She had visited China through a summer program as a volunteer English teacher during her time in college and it was then that she realized that she would like to move to China to teach English for a year after she graduated college.

She not only had a great year teaching in English, she also met her husband, Sam Wu in that first year. Amy and Sam have two daughters, Ellissa in grade 7 and Isabella in Grade 4. That one year has now turned into over a decade. During those years, Amy has not only been growing her family but also teaching in various grade levels, Early Childhood to 1st grade and as an ESL teacher at different International Schools.

She loves learning alongside her little learners, so in 2018 Amy obtained her M. Ed in Early Childhood Education. Having children of her own, helped Amy realize as a teacher the importance of working together with the whole family. She now looks forward to each new year of working together with families.

Amy is excited to be a part of this amazing Concordia community as she is serving as the Preschool Butterfly teacher. She can’t wait to meet more families as she settles into the community!