Early Childhood

Kindergarteners Intrigued by a Poet

“Maybe we can make our own poetry book”, says one of our kindergarten student after spending time with Janet Wong, our visiting author.

Janet Wong is an author and a poet!  A few of her most loved books are titled, Pet Crazy, Apply Pie 4th of July, and You Have to Write!

 Students were mesmerized and very excited by the visit of a great children’s book author and poet. All eyes were on Ms. Wong as she read aloud to the class.  All ears were listening as she asked them to act out words from her poems. Ms. Wong’s visit set the stage for the focus of their upcoming reading workshop, Falling in Love With Poetry served as their mentor text. 

The current focus of reading workshop is to discover and play with words that rhyme and the rhythm of poetry.

Kindergarten will have a poetry extravaganza celebrating students as official avid readers!

 Ms. Rodriguez’s class shared their well written collaborative class poem with Ms. Wong. Here is her reply:

To the students in Ms. Rodriguez's Class:
You did a great job of filling your poem with things that you remembered from our visit together! I'm happy to see that you put the words "reading" and "playing" in the same line. I love playing with words when I'm reading (or writing) a poem. – Ms. Wong
Maybe you can make your own poetry suitcase! 
First, you need to gather a lot of "stuff": old toys that you don't play with any more or little packages of food or items from nature (such as a leaf or a rock)—and then you need to write (or find) poems about each thing. When you're finished with your poetry suitcase, you can share poems from it as short poetry breaks. It's OK to hear a poem more than one time. We love hearing our favorite songs many times, and I think poems are like songs.
 Keep on having fun with poetry!
 All best,
Janet Wong