Early Childhood

EC: Ask Dr. Alice

Dear EC Parents,


On the third Tuesday of each month, we will be sending parenting tips from Dr. Alice, our school psychologist and EC bilingual counselor. This week  focuses on stretching your child’s language, helping them add descriptive words and trying out different sentence structures. These conversations can happen in any language. Give it a try!

Practice language development. This week, ask open-ended questions and clarifying questions when chatting with your child. An open-ended question can only be answered with many words (instead of with one word). For example, “What did you do today?” is an open-ended question. “What fun thing happened today?” is an open-ended question. “Did you have fun today?” is a close-ended question. “What did you eat for lunch?” is a close-ended question. If your child gives a one-word answer, ask clarifying questions such as “What do you mean when you said…?” or “That sounds interesting! Tell me more.”

语言发展练习。这周在您和孩子聊天时,可以问一些开放式的问题并加以细化。开放式问题可以用许多词来回答(而非单一词汇)。比如,“你今天做了些什么事?”“今天发生了什么有趣的事吗?” 这些是开放式的问题。而“你今天玩得开心吗?”“你午饭吃了什么?”这些则是封闭式的问题。如果您的孩子只给出了单一词汇作为回答,尝试再问一些需要阐述细节的问题,例如:“你说是什么意思呢?”或是“听上去很有意思!告诉我更多吧。”