Early Childhood

EC Art: Lines In Motion

Our youngest learners at Concordia have been exploring the concept of lines in motion, to create a variety of individual and collaborative artworks. Singing and chanting how different lines move, their hands and arms made the strokes visible on paper, glass and concrete.  They verbalized, "up and down", "hop, hop, hop", "round and round", and "march, march, march" and performed the actions at the same time. Multi-sensory learning at its best!

Art Vocabulary

Preschool and Pre-Kindergarten

Experiencing a variety of art media (pastels, chalk, brushes and markers) helps develop fine motor muscles, eye-hand coordination and creativity. Students were excited to focus and explore the creation of lines that move in many ways. The beautiful weather cooperated for days of outdoor explorations.

Looped, zig zag, wavy, straight and bent lines were combined to make unique drawings. Window markers used on glass panels and paint brushes tracing chalk lines on the ground were intriguing for our young learners. Creativity in motion!

In the book “Lines that Wiggle” By Candance Whitman, students tracked from left to right with their eyes to follow a glittery line that moved through the pages, creating waves, veins, ropes, roads and things we see in our world all around. Training the eyes of young learners prepares them for following text left to right, a pre-literacy skill.

Lines are everywhere; they wiggle, bend, twist and move! Students were curious, while cooperating together, with mixed art media to explore and produce this large mural of investigation. Students smile, point with delight and excitedly comment, as they pass by the display in our EC hallway near our Art Studio.

Kindergarten Art- Line Rugs

Studying textile designs from around the world sparked an interest in rug making by our kindergarten students. Building on the foundational skills of lines in motion, young faces of intense concentration were observed during the production of unique works of art. 

Colorful individual rugs, fostered descriptive vocabulary of admiration. Discovering how to mix oil pastels, with watercolors provided new creative ideas. The study of lines in motion provides students the foundational skills on which to build future design concepts.