Early Childhood

ABC Countdown to Summer in EC

The Teachers, Students and Families in the Early Childhood Division are counting down the days to summer together with fun daily activities. It's called the ABC Countdown To Summer.

Sharing these last days of the school year in a way that brings fun and builds community has been a way to bring us together during this unique time in Shanghai. This is our division's way to close the distance, during Distance Learning. Also, being that our young students are at home, they may not comprehend that the school year is culminating. We believe that by offering this ABC Countdown, not only brings attention to letters, builds fun community, but it also gives our young students something visual and concrete to raise their awareness that their year in school is finishing. Thus, we feel a sense of closure, united and joyful. 

Take a look at some of our fun Distance Learning ABC Countdown to Summer Days so far! Today is "F" day - "Favorite Color Day". Are you wearing your favorite color today?



At Concordia, going beyond academics is very important to us. We believe that school is also a place to share love, joy, and to get through trying times together. We care about every child and every family, especially now more than ever. We are here for you and we will get through this time together. We believe we shall overcome the daily trials and cross the finish line united, together in God's love.