Early Childhood

ABC Countdown to Summer Continues

In the Early Childhood Division at Concordia International School Shanghai, we are sharing a fun way to countdown the school year. We believe the ABC Countdown to Summer provides our children and families with some fun activities to brighten up the Shanghai Lockdown, and give the children something concrete to understand that the school year is coming to an end.

Here are some screenshots of this week's countdown fun!

Monday was "G" - "Game Day".  Look at the games our families like to play together!

Tuesday was "H" - "Hat Day".  Look at these students' and teachers' cool hats!

But BY FAR -- THE FAVORITE OF THE WEEK WAS "I" for "ICE CREAM DAY"!  Everyone was encouraged to eat ice cream during Distance Learning! What a delicious day!

"J" was for "Jammies Day" and everyone was invited to roll out of bed and stay in their pajamas for school. Wake up! 

We are looking forward to seeing more fun ways to show your excitement for the final countdown to summer! Upcoming days next week are:

Monday - May 23 "L" - "Lollipop Day" Eat a lollipop during zoom class.

Tuesday - May 24 "M" - "Movie Day" Tell about your favorite movie.

Wednesday - May 25 "N" - "New You Day" Tell about something "NEW" you did today.

Thursday - May 26 "O" - "Outside Day" Tell about something you love to do outside.

Friday - May 27 "P" - "Pirates Day" Dress or talk like a pirate today. Arg!

Thank you to all of the parents for making these ABC Countdown Days fun for everyone!