Early Childhood

A May Message from The Principal, Dr. Gerdes

Dear EC Parents,

May is here! There is less than a month of school remaining. While the school year now looks very different than when we first began, we can still be thankful for the partnership, learning, and relationships that have been built since last September. We continue to thrive better when we work together. Thank you for your continued support, encouragement, and strong partnership.

I want to mention a few important items to you:

Our EC/ES Yearbooks are bring printed and will be made available to those who ordered a copy when we have the opportunity to distribute them from campus. We will keep you informed of updates.

Homeroom Teachers continue to share Zoom Connection schedules with you; closely note the components of these schedules. Look for additional special resources and activities to be shared with you on various Friday’s. Some upcoming events include Wellness Activities, Moving Up Activities, and more.

Dr. Alice continues to provide opportunities for parents in her weekly Parent Support Zooms, which contain a variety of topics. We provide videos of Dr. Alice’s topics, too, each week in the Focus. If you have questions about accessing certain topics we’ve provided, please email the EC Office, and we will try to help.

Even though we are not physically together on campus, learning still happens. Through Zoom Connections, Seesaw activities and resources, and other items Concordia provides, children are learning in new and unique ways. Children are resilient, and I’m confident they will all do well once we return to regular campus learning in the new school year. As I talk here about learning, please know that Teachers will complete Year-End Semester II Reports for all students, as usual, at the end of the school year. These will be available to parents via Powerschool, likely on June 10th. You will receive more information closer to June 10th regarding Year-End Semester II Reports.

Let’s finish the school year strong! The strength we show now will provide an excellent platform in which we begin the new school year in August. Let’s continue to thrive together!

As I complete my note, I want to share how wonderful it is for Ms. McIntrye and myself to join in class Zooms when possible. Ms. McIntrye and I also value seeing students and families in our apartment compounds each day. Hearing our names be called, having students race up to us on bicycles, and engaging in conversations with parents in person is something we cherish and celebrate each day. Even though life in Shanghai is unique and somewhat challenging these days, Ms. McIntrye and I love being here and seeing our Concordia Community. We pray the city opens up this summer and we will have the opportunity to see more people from our Concordia Community.

Blessings to you, always!

Dr. Gerdes