Early Childhood Education

Concordia’s Early Childhood program provides educational experiences expressly designed and developmentally appropriate for young children age three to five years old. Our Preschool, Pre-Kindergarten, and Kindergarten communities are actively engaged within safe, nurturing and playful learning environments that encourage knowledge and skills development and fosters positive, life-long learning habits.

Teaching Grounded in Loving Relationships

We practice a teacher-directed, child-initiated learning approach that promotes self-regulation and executive function within a program that serves to enhance language acquisition, cognition, and social competencies.

Our highly qualified teachers and teaching assistants engage students in high-quality play that has them exploring the joys of learning and developing skills that will stay with them as they continue their learning adventures. Curricular areas, including art, music & movement, and language support, are uniquely woven in throughout the day to ensure maximum learning potential.

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Learning in Early Childhood

The Early Childhood division is filled with adventure, creativity, investigation and friendship. We provide a research-based approach to teaching and learning in which children learn about themselves, others, and the world around them – all in an atmosphere of love, care, and acceptance.

Reciprocal learning exists when teachers and families communicate regularly and keep student success in mind. Therefore, we strongly encourage active participation from parents and family members, which we feel plays a contributing role in each child’s learning and growth. 

Stories from the Early Childhood