Teaching & Learning

At Concordia, we seek out ways to foster deeper learning, a type of processing and learning marked by a student’s ability to transfer what they have learned to new situations. Our approach can be summed up as “deeper learning, wrapped in relationships.” Because we believe relationships feed collaboration and personalization, we tailor what we teach to who we teach. The relationships between teacher and student, student and student, as well as parent and school, unlock the potential inside all to become who they are capable of becoming. 


Academic Approach

We employ effective practices based on research in the cognitive domain, such as: 

  • using multiple and varied representations of concepts or tasks 
  • encouraging elaboration, questioning, and self-explanation 
  • engaging learners in challenging tasks, with supportive guidance, and feedback 
  • teaching with examples and cases 
  • priming students’ motivation 
  • using formative assessment 

Fostering Deeper Learning

Deep roots allow trees to grow tall and weather many storms. Likewise, our intentional approach to developing a deep root system of cognitive, intrapersonal, and interpersonal skills in our students allows them to grow through challenges, ready to lead in a complex and dynamic world.

Schoolwide Learner Outcomes

We expect our students to become:  

  • Insightful learners
  • Effective communicators 
  • Reflective spiritual beings 
  • Principle-centered leaders and team members 
  • Active global citizens 
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Our approach to learning can be summed up as “deeper learning, wrapped in relationships.”