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Almost Maine, by John Cariani

  • Playing November 12, 13, 14 
  • Rittmann Fine Arts Center on the Concordia International School - Shanghai campus.
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'You could fall in love. Or realize it’s not love anymore. You could connect with a former flame. Or find out that our best friend really has your heart in a surprising way. Your broken heart could get mended. You might see love in a surprising new way. Or you could just revel in the beauty of the Northern Lights and wonder about love’s possibilities.---'

Welcome to “Almost, Maine,” where seven, couples in quick vignettes, discover new things about love and themselves all on the same winter’s night in this quaint and quirky (fictitious) town.

In the town of Almost, Maine, people experience the life-altering power of the human heart. In a series of playful and surreal experiences, relationships end, begin, or change beyond recognition, as strangers become friends, friends fall in love, and lovers turn into strangers. Propelled by the mystical energy of the aurora borealis and populated with characters who are humorous, plain-spoken, thoughtful, and sincere, Almost, Maine is a series of connected tales about love, each with a compelling couple at its center, each with its own touch of sorcery.

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Middle School G. 6-8
Nov 12, 3:45-5:45
Nov. 13, 5:30-8:30
High School ONLY
(complimentary dinner) 
Nov. 14, 2:00-4:00
High School ONLY
(complimentary snacks)
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