Fine Arts

Student Artwork: Photography

This HS photography assignment was called "Isms of Photography- Current trends".  Students studied the History of Photography through the lens of art movements that specifically use photography as a main focus. 

Beginning with Pictorialism and Photo Sessionists, we studied studied Straight Photography, Russian Constructivism, Surrealism, Dadaism, the California Modernists and Abstract. 

We then stepped into current time and focused on the Current Trends of today: PhotoMontage, Celebrating Age Diversity, Dark & Moody Backgrounds, Embracing Vibrant Colors, Vertical is the WAY, PhotoJournalism and Street Photography. 

The final photography series became a combination of famous photographers quotes and a selected current trend, each playing a part creating a 3 series photo collection.  Students presented their final work through video and commentary and also posting their final work to

See their work below: