Fine Arts

National Art Honor Society Art Show

Members and inductees of the National Art Honor Society have put up their first-ever art show this week, running until Feb. 10 on the 2nd floor of the Upper Building. The theme of the show is inspired by the word of the year, Persevere.

NAHS officer Anita F. explains:

"We chose the theme of "Perseverance" for National Art Honor Society's first-ever art exhibit because of its pronounced relevance in our community this year. We were thus inspired to take this opportunity to pay homage to both the school's word of the year and what has excited strength and adaptability in our students and faculty through recent communal and personal hardships (most notably, the COVID-19 pandemic).

"Each piece tells the unique story of its artist. Inductees and members were instructed to depict their own understanding of the word "perseverance", or an example of it. This open-ended prompt allowed for the creation of 15 different, albeit beautiful, pieces. Each piece is also complemented by an artist statement that includes the significance of the piece in the words of the artist. Therefore, there isn't one story that we hoped to convey through the exhibit, but a multitude of testaments to the power of perseverance."