Fine Arts

High School Explorations – FINE ARTS OPTIONS

The High School Fine Arts Team has developed 4 creative opportunities for Explorations for our high school students!  Here is the line up:


Sketching with Mrs. Klammer – 60 minutes per day of sketching with any sort of writing utenstil and paper, foil, cardboard, wood, plastic or glass!

Watercolor Techniques with Ms. Collins – asynchronous, self-guided course to hone the artist watercolor skills!


Music Composition with Ms. Preus – use your music writing software (Finale or Sibelius) or use the free version of Musescore to starting writing your own music!  Ms. Preus will check in with students every day and offer tips and advice for success!

Jazz Improvisation using SmartMusic with Mr. Chapman – offered to any curricular music student who has access to the SmartMusic software provided to them during distance learning.  Mr. Chapman will help students explore the jazz improvisation option of SmartMusic and he will coach students to develop their improvisation skills.