Fine Arts

AMIS Solo & Ensemble Competition Finalists

Congratulations to Concordia High School Students Chaz Chapman, grade 10, and Shoyo Ko, grade 11, for being selected as Finalists in the AMIS Senior Soloist Competition for 2022.  Shoyo and Chaz are both members of the HS Jazz Ensemble.  According to AMIS, 1000 students from 46 schools participated in 750 events as part of this year’s Solo and Ensemble Festival.  It is quite an honor for Concordia to have two finalists again this year.  Shoyo was also a finalist in last year’s competition. 

As finalist, each had the opportunity to submit a new recording of the same piece they played initially, or to perform and record a new piece for the finals.  Shoyo performed a piece entitled Adagio and Rondo on the tenor saxophone and is competing in the Saxophone group.  Chaz performed I’ve Got the Tuba Blues on Tuba and is competing in the Low Brass group. Judging for the finals is occurring presently and winners in each instrumental category will be announced on May 18.  All the World Finalist will have their video recordings available on the AMIS Website for viewing after the winners are announced.  Best of luck to each of you, Shoyo and Chaz! Go Phoenix!