Fine Arts

The Fine Arts Department at Concordia offers a range of artistic outlets that are integrated into our students’ course of academic study. These courses are on a continuum designed to foster creativity, collaboration, and self-expression through performance and exhibition. As students progress through the grade levels, they learn fundamental techniques and further develop skills in the study of music, theatre and visual arts. 

Rooted in a Passion for the Arts

Our masterful fine arts faculty inspire and nurture students holistically, encouraging each child to hone their talents and whole-heartedly pursue their creative passions. 

Beginning in early childhood, students are introduced to the joy of music and art as a vehicle for creative expression through our Specials Program, which includes daily sessions of Music & Movement and art. Elementary school students build on these foundational skills with dedicated music and visual art classes built into the curriculum.

As students continue to progress through middle and high school, they have greater opportunities and exposure to the arts, developing their talents and honing their skills in their chosen medium.


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Through our choral, band and strings ensembles, Concordia’s music program provides middle school and high school students tremendous opportunity to fine-tune their musical talents through master study and performance, through both curricular and co-curricular offerings. Music students also have the chance to travel to prominent schools around the world to perform at auditioned AMIS and APAC festivals. 

Visual Arts

The visual arts program at Concordia enriches each student’s internal artistic expression and encourages creative thinking through the development of external technical skill, process and problem solving. Within a historical and cultural context, the curriculum provides a vocabulary and set of tools to enable each student to analyze and synthesize individual thought, perception, and passion and to share the outcome with the entire community.

Theatre Arts

Performance and production are integral parts of our theatre program and provide remarkable opportunities for leadership, collaboration and creativity. Students learn to give and take direction, design imaginative sets and costumes, and inspire audiences through gesture, movement and speech. Productions are staged throughout the school year, and high school drama students have the chance to participate in the annual APAC Theatre festival. 

High School Theatre

Fine Arts in the Classroom

David F. Rittmann Center for the Fine Arts

Affectionately named after Concordia’s second head of school, the building was dedicated to the Concordia community on December 4, 2007. The Rittmann features a 320-seat theater, courtyard, dressing rooms, scene shop, costume storage, choral, string, and band rehearsal rooms, 2D/3D computer graphics and photography studios, and a lobby/gallery area.

Designed as a center of creativity and enrichment, the Rittmann Center for the Fine Arts is the perfect learning environment for students and frequently houses school assemblies, special events, guest speakers and theatrical performances.

Fine Arts After School

Fine Arts Festivals

APAC Music and Theatre Festivals

Concordia high school music and theatre students have the opportunity to participate in annual APAC Festivals. APAC offers exciting 5-day theatre, band, choir, and strings festivals, which rotate among prominent international schools within Asia. These unique festivals bring together experienced and talented students who excel in their creative craft and culminate in theatre and musical performances led by renowned guest directors and conductors.

ACAMIS Visual Arts Festival

Select high school visual arts students may participate in an annual ACAMIS Art Festival. ACAMIS offers an enriching weekend Fine Arts Festival, hosted by various schools in China on a rotating basis. The festival brings together students from 8-12 international schools to learn more about the various mediums of the visual arts. Each festival features guest artists who work with the students and ends with a festival exhibition.

Fine Arts Honor Societies

National Art Honor Society (G10-G12)

The purpose of the National Art Honor Society is to inspire and recognize those students who have shown outstanding ability in the visual arts, academic excellence in other areas of scholarship; who foster a dedicated spirit to the pursuit of art, and provide service to their schools and larger community through their artistic donations.

Tri-M Music Honor Society (G10-G12)

Tri-M Music Honor Society is comprised of select music students who have met set standards for overall GPA, music class grades, service, and personal character. Tri-M members meet as needed, 1-2 times per month. Each year, Tri-M students produce and coordinate an auditioned high school talent show called, Concordia Cabaret.

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