Swimming Highlights + CCA Swimming Registration

It has been a ginormous 3 months of swimming at Concordia! Our 60-member strong team participated in 4 swimming competitions, placing 8th and 6th out of 19 international schools in the Shanghai Swim League Round 1 and Round 2 events. 21 new school records have been set by our team members and Concordia hosted its first ever swim meet in its 22-year history. Wow!

We wrapped up the first semester of our swim program with a Xmas Bash Swim Meet at the Ambassy Club that included team races, Christmas-themed relays and a buffet breakfast for 90 students and parents from the Concordia community.

If you would like your child to be a part of the magic that happens at the pool within our swimming programs, please view the PDF and sign up using the QR code.

Merry Christmas and Happy Swimming,

Ryan Layt

Aquatics Director