Student Athlete of the Year Awards

Every year, Concordia awards the Athlete of the Year Award at the High School awards ceremony. It is always an honor for me to present this award. I think this award is particularly special in that our High School head coaches gather to discuss nominees and ultimately vote on who should win this award.


The criteria for this award are as follows:

1.     Preference, but not limited to, a student in Grade 12

2.     Amount of involvement – usually a multi-sport athlete

3.     Athletic Ability

4.     Sportsmanship

5.     Behavior on and off the playing surface

6.     Demonstrates Leadership

Like many awards given at Concordia, we are blessed a number of very high-quality candidates that would make worthy recipients of this award.


The first award goes to a senior boy. He participated in both tennis and soccer and was a captain on both teams. In tennis, this student helped lead a transformation within the program. In his freshmen and sophomore years, the team worked hard, but struggled to win sets against their opponents. However, this year was different as the Boys Tennis team won the first team APAC in history and this person was part an APAC winning boys doubles team. But that isn’t even the best part. This team, who effectively won every competition, also won the Sportsmanship Award. The coaches of this team tell me that this person played the leading role in this accomplishment as well. Season 3, and Boys Soccer, has unfortunately had far more challenges. The team has not been able to participate in an APAC competition over the last three years. However, the soccer coaches, including me this year, also saw how this person handled himself on and off of the field. He works hard. He works smart. He is kind and generous with his words and deeds. Overall, he’s an outstanding young man that we will deeply miss here at Concordia. Congratulations to Jaden Mak.


The second award goes to a junior girl. She was a 3-sport athlete who participated in volleyball, basketball and Track & Field. Over the course of three years, she earned 9 varsity letters, she was a captain in two sports, and she was an All-APAC winner this past year. She owns the records for the 400m dash and long jump, while she unofficially broke the 400m hurdle record this Spring when we weren't able to compete with other schools. When discussing this nominee with the coaches, it was clear that this person is one of the best pure athletes to compete in a Phoenix uniform. And she has achieved this accolade not because of her naturally born athletic prowess, but rather because of her own tenacity and hardwork. She practices 4 days per week with her teams for effectively the entire school year and then goes down to the weight room on Wednesdays. She comes in during vacation and on weekends to get in extra repetitions. Overall, I’m not sure we have another student athlete who puts in the amount of work that she does for Concordia Athletics. And to be honest, it doesn’t stop there. She’s an outstanding student and an excellent leader. She also epitomizes kindness and is a good person. She likely to knock you down with a kill or Eurostep coming down the lane but is also likely to then help you back up and apologize. Congratulations to Marysue Hauser.