Phoenix Fridays

Although Covid-19 restrictions remain in place. Concordia Athletics remain committed to providing opportunity to our students. One of those opportunities is in Phoenix Friday, which has a rich cultural history at Concordia. Although it is not the same without our incredible parents and community on site cheering for our teams as they face local rival schools, we are able to still have fun and create excitement for our students as we organize staff teams to compete.

Today, Friday, March 26, we will have a game between our Girls’ Varsity Softball team and our Staff team. The game will start at 4:15pm. We expect beautiful weather and hopefully will get some great pictures to share with our community as well!

Next week, Friday, April 2, we will have a game between our Girls and Boys Soccer programs on campus as we lead into Spring Break. Exact details are still being determined and will be communicated to teams when they are finalized.