Middle School Athletics Update

Middle School Interest Survey - Parent Portion

The Activities and Athletics Department need your help!

We have linked an Activities & Athletics Survey that we would like you to complete. This survey will help us understand your feelings on our current programming, as well as what changes you might want to see in the future. We have already had students complete this survey and the information was very useful and some changes have already been made for our Semester 2 offerings based on that feedback.

By completing this survey by Nov. 30th, you will help us provide the best opportunities that we can to serve our students with activities and sports.

Cross River Events
Unfortunately CISSA has now cancelled the Cross River Events for soccer and table tennis. These events typically end a Middle School sports season and allow teams to compete against other students from across Shanghai. We will continue to persevere through the difficult year of 2020 and hope for better outcomes in 2021!