Homecoming and Phoenix Friday Recap

Concordia celebrated a Homecoming and Phoenix Friday to remember last week! The end of the week was punctuated by a combined Middle School and High School Pep Rally, as well as Phoenix Friday where Concordia welcomed SAS Pudong onto campus for competitions in Table Tennis, and Basketball. Concordia sent our Swim team over to SAS Pudong as well to compete in the Shanghai Swim League Round 2.

In preparation for Homecoming week and Phoenix Friday, Grade 8 held their own Pep Rally. There were Cheerleaders there to teach the responsive chants so students could respond at Phoenix Friday. The students also learned the Concordia Fight Song from the Grade 8 Choir students. The fight song has a long tradition and is regularly sung at Concordia athletics' and fine arts' events. Trivia questions about Concordia were also asked and prizes were given. 
-Did you know that three Middle School teachers were cheerleaders in high and/or college? Could you name all three?