High School - Optional Practice Opportunities during CNY

Several coaches will be offering opportunities to get onto Concordia's campus over the CNY holiday. Coaches will communicate this information directly to their teams. On days when students plan to access campus, families will need to complete the MikeCRM online form before 3:00pm.

The purpose of these opportunities is to provide recreation and individual skill development. They are not considered official practices. They are optional and attendance is not required. Both students and staff members are coming off of perhaps the hardest year of their lives and we want to support both staff and students who wish to recreate and those who want to stay home. We are asking all stakeholders to support each other and their decisions. This means not pressuring one another to participate in these activities including coaches not pressuring students and other coaches, as well as students not pressuring other students or their coaches. Please show respect and grace for one another during this holiday period!

Due to the holidays, there will be less support on campus in terms of medical or administrative support as those people are also on holiday. We ask parents to be available to provide support if your child were to get injured, while on campus. Parents must understand and accept the additional risk if their student participates in these events.