Concordia Athletics Partnership Program (CAPP) Pilot Registrations Open!

We have been working hard to provide some additional evening and weekend opportunities to our families and we are pleased to announce that registrations are now open for a pilot of the Concordia Athletics Partnership Program (CAPP).


Registrations are now open on SchoolsBuddy and will close on Sunday, April 4. Concordia has selected three providers to provide a pilot program. They are PacificPine Sports (Five Star Sports and Pacific Pine Golf – Basketball, Golf), SportsForce (Volleyball, Cross Country, MultiSports, Track), and FD Academy (Soccer). After the pilot, we will evaluate the program to help determine how best to move forward next academic year. If you have any questions about our programs or providers, please reach out to me directly (turner.neal@concordiashanghai.org) and I will be happy to connect with you!



Registration Information:

The CAPP Pilot has 8-weeks of programming starting on Saturday, April 17 and going until Sunday, June 13. Activities that take place on Monday will have 7 classes. Activities that take place on the other days will have 8 classes. Families are encouraged, but not required to sign-up for multiple activities. Families can also sign-up for the same activity twice during the same week! This will provide extra practice and skill development in that sport.


For example, soccer for students in Grades 5-8 will be held on Tuesday from 6:00-7:30pm (Block 1) AND on Thursday from 6:00-7:30 (Block 2). A family can register for only Block 1, only Block 2, or for both Blocks 1 and 2.


Every activity has both a minimum and a maximum number of students who can be involved. These numbers are based on ensuring quality and safety for the students. If we do not reach the minimum number of students, the class will be cancelled.


After registrations have been completed, Concordia will communicate directly with families about which activities reached the minimum number of participants and how much your family should pay to the Concordia Finance Department.



Payments will be due by Thursday, April 15.  Once registrations have been finalized, refunds will not be given because Concordia will have made a commitment to the other students and coaches.


Logistics and Procedures

Bussing and transportation is not provided for these activities. Concordia is unfortunately not able to provide supervision after school to students participating in the CAPP program on weekdays. Because of that, students may not stay on campus after school until their CAPP session and will be walked on and off campus for every session.


Students should come to Huangyang Gate to 10 minutes before the scheduled start of their program. Coaches will meet students at the entrance of Huangyang Gate and go directly to their practice location.


At the end of practices, students in grades 5-12 will be released directly from Huangyang Gate. Students in grades 1-4 will be released to their parents or guardians. Please do not be late to pick-up! Coaches will not be able to leave Concordia until all students have been picked up. Multiple late pick-ups will result in the removal of your child from the program. A refund will not be issued if this occurs.


Safety and Assumption of Risk

Concordia takes the safety of your child seriously. All activities will have a minimum of two coaches present and at least one coach will be trained in First Aid, CPR, and AED, as well as Concordia’s Emergency Action Plan. Concordia will also provide each coach with a First Aid kit. Coaches will have the telephone number of Mr. Turner Neal, Director of Athletics; Mr. Dazhu Yang, Athletics Assistant; and Dr. Jennifer Rizzo, Certified Athletic Trainer.


Sports are inherently risky. Mild injuries will be treated by the coach at Concordia, but in the case of a severe injuries, the Emergency Action Plan will be put into effect. We ask parents carry their phones with them during classes so that if such an injury occurs, the coach will be able to reach you very quickly for assistance. By registering to participate in these activities, you acknowledge that you understand and accept the risks involved with participation.



Pricing Table

Mon (7 classes)

Tue-Sun (8 classes)

Track/Cross Country/MultiSport