APAC & Phoenix Friday

I’m going to be honest. It has been a difficult week in the Athletics office. We know that our students and coaches have been working extremely hard in preparation for SISAC and APAC tournaments which were scheduled for this week. Last week, I met with some teams mentioned one of my favorite coaching phrases. Success is when preparation meets opportunity.  Unfortunately though, we can’t always control the opportunities given to us in life, but that we can control our preparation so when those opportunities do come, we are ready for them. After thinking about those conversations this past weekend, I felt like it was important to add another statement. Sometimes when life doesn’t give you opportunities, you need to create your own. And we are looking to do just that on Friday after school by hosting a final Phoenix Friday for Season 2 to celebrate all of our students who were preparing for APAC.

The festivities will kick-off at 3:45 with Table Tennis, which will be followed by Girls Basketball and Boys Basketball. Our Cheerleaders and Phoenix Pep Band will also be performing.

We also want to highlight our APAC Swim Team. Swim, unlike our other competitions, was able to move forward in a virtual setting. Concordia's Aquatics Director, Mr. Ryan Layt, jumped into action and secured the pool at the Ambassy Club on Thursday and Friday mornings, and hired local swim referees to make it official. He also recruited some parents and Athletics staff to come over and act as official timers. Because of that, Concordia student athletes were able to swim and compete virtually with other schools across Asia including Shanghai American School, International School of Beijing, Western Academy of Beijing, Seoul Foreign School, and Hong Kong International School. Results will come out next week!