2022-23 High School Athletic Registrations Now Open!

Registrations for Seasons 1 is now open on SchoolsBuddy! The first deadline will be on Sunday, August 6. This date allows us to organize our after school busses for our first day of school on Tuesday, August 23. By registering early, you allow the school to properly assess the number of facilities, coaches, and other needs. This ultimately benefits the students. Students must be registered and have the appropriate medical documentation on file prior to participating in athletics. Registrations will continue after August 6, but we will not be able to guarantee bussing for registrations that come in late. 

Swim Team registrations for Season 1 are also open on SchoolsBuddy.

Middle School and our new Elementary School athletics program will open registrations soon!


Strength & Conditioning
We are excited to bring the next iteration of our Strength & Conditioning program to Concordia. In the past, we have provided supervision and light instructions to students who would like to use the Fitness Center after school. Next year, that program will become more formal. We ask students to register via SchoolsBuddy for the days of the week that they would like to attend. Strength & Conditioning coaches will be at each session providing direct instruction and work out plans to students who attend. We ask students who are not participating in another Season 1 sport to commit to a minimum of 2 days if they would like to be involved in the program. Students who are participating in Season 1 sports are encouraged to register for our Wednesday session, which will be tailored for in-season student athletes. 


Presently we are planning on having a full Season 1 including local competition with SISAC and travel within China for APAC. All Season 1 sports teams are scheduled to travel to Beijing in October! As you know, this could change between now and then due to restrictions related to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. 


Who is eligible to participate?
Students in grades 9-12 will be given first priority on teams where roster spots are limited. If there are remaining spots available, 8th graders, and in some case 7th graders, may be able to participate. Rising 8th graders may register at this time, but should understand that they will only be able to participate if there are open roster slots on the team. 


Practice Schedule
The official start date for Season 1 is Monday, August 15! We plan to start practicing prior to the official start of school so that our teams have more time to practice. We also hope to offer preseason practices prior August 15. Students are expected to attend official practices, but are not required to attend preseason practices.  

Coaches will communicate directly to their teams if preseason opportunities exist. Concordia will have medical staff and additional athletics support on campus starting on Monday, August 15. In order to be eligible for competitions, students must attend 1 week of practices. This rule is designed to protect our students from injury as it will allow us to ensure that they are properly conditioned for competition. 

A practice schedule is available on the Concordia Athletics website


Questions or Concerns?
Please contact if you have any questions or concerns.