Concordia’s Athletic Department provides a wholistic approach to athletics that encourages our students towards a growth mindset. For us, athletics is a vehicle to learn life lessons in self-management, teamwork and resiliency. We strive to teach our student athletes that winning is not only reflected on the score board but also in the development of self-confidence and commitment, as well as in sportsmanship, teamwork, and leadership.  

Driven by Excellence and Competition

Each year we field 66 teams, across 30 sports and three seasons. Competition provides a focal point for school spirit and pride and brings together students, faculty, staff and families to form the community-based culture that is Concordia. 

Concordia is a member school of four activities conferences: Asia Pacific Activities Conference (APAC), Shanghai International School Activities Conference (SISAC), Association of China and Mongolia International Schools (ACAMIS), and China International Schools Sports Association (CISSA). Some offer opportunity for travel to countries outside of China, some within China, and others within Shanghai. 


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Competition Aquatics Program

From learning-to-swim to competing internationally, the Concordia International School Shanghai Aquatics Program provides our students with the ability to grow and develop at every level of swimming proficiency.

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Junior NBA Competition School

As a Junior NBA member school, we offer students age 6-14 specialized basketball training that focuses on the development of fundamental skills and an understanding of the core values of the game.

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State of the Art Athletic Facilities

Our students have access to first-rate athletic facilities on campus including four gyms, a FIFA Two-Star soccer pitch, an outdoor track, and tennis courts. We partner with other local facilities that provide our students access to two fantastic swimming pools, a baseball and a softball diamond.


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Athletic Co-Curricular Activities

Phoenix Boosters and the Concordia Parent Support Organization (PSO)

The Phoenix Boosters promote school spirit by supporting our high school athletic teams. During volleyball, basketball and soccer seasons, we run a concession stand on Phoenix Fridays. Hot dogs cooking, popcorn popping, and lots of candy. Just like America! We also open the concession during hosted SISAC and APAC tournaments. All are welcome to join the boosters!

We would like to do more to show school spirit, but it takes a village! If you are interested in getting involved, please click below.

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