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Middle School Music

Middle School Music

At Concordia all middle school students are required to choose either Band, Choir or Strings as their core music class throughout their middle school career. In these classes, they expand their knowledge of musical notation and rhythmic reading, while learning to create music through improvisation and composition.

Middle School AMIS Honors

The Concordia International School Shanghai Middle School Bands present a “Heritage Music” concert on Tuesday, March 14, in the Rittmann Center Theater

Middle School SEA Honors

Interested students participate in the South East Asian Honor Orchestra Festival in Guangzhou each year.

The Association for Music in International Schools is an international, non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion of excellence at all levels of music education. Festivals are hosted every year at various international school locations. Concordia participates in band, choir, and string festivals throughout the year. Students audition and must be accepted in order to participate.

Taiko! was performed as part of “The Concordia Project,” the assembly of the region’s first ever Middle School Symphony Orchestra at an international school combining concert wind and percussion instruments with stringed instruments to form a traditional symphony orchestra instrumentation with students grades 5 to 8.

The American International School of Guangzhou hosts the annual South East Asian Honor Orchestra Festival. This is for select students who want to collaborate with other middle school students around China to rehearse and perform.

Middle School Music Faculty

BAND David Allen–Since 2015
CHOIR Darcy Hendriks–Since 2015
STRINGS Sara Preus–Since 2010

Community Performances

  • 2017
    • Lantern Festival–Band Trio
  • 2016
    • Abundant Grace International Fellowship Christmas Celebration–G7/8 Treble Choir
    • Dr. Bob Bieniek’s Memorial–G7/8 Treble Choir

All performing ensembles


  • Cadet Band 5/6 Woodwinds (beginning band),
  • Cadet Band 5/6 Brass & Percussion (beginning band)
  • Cadet Band 7/8 (beginning band)
  • Phoenix Band (grade 6 & 7 intermediate band)
  • Symphonic Band 7/8
  • Phuzion 6-8 [MS Jazz Band] – CCA (Wednesday mornings before school 7:00-7:45am)


  • Grade 5 Choir
  • Grade 6 Choir
  • Grade 7/8 Girls Choir
  • Grade 7/8 Boys Choir
  • Grade 7/8 Treble Choir
  • CCA–Ambassador Singers Grade 5/6
  • CCA–Alleluia Singers Grade 7/8


  • Andante Strings – a beginning string group, grades 5/6
  • Intermezzo – an intermediate string group, grades 6-8
  • Sinfonia – an advanced string group, grades 7/8