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National Scholastic Art & Writing Awards

Last year, the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards, the nation's longest-running (since 1923) and most prestigious recognition program for creative teens in grades 7-12, received a record-breaking 330,000 works of art and writing for adjudication from regional affiliates and the overseas category.  This program gives thousands of students throughout America the opportunity to broaden their creative horizons while earning local and national recognition. The objective is to foster the confidence of young artists and give them the opportunity to be recognized for their creative achievements by the world at large. The Alliance also partners with art institutes, colleges, and universities to earmark scholarships for college-bound Scholastic Awards recipients.

Congratulations and thankfulness to these teachers-Eileen Beckman, Dagne Furth, Mark Klar, Mike Lambert, Marc Mathyk and Jane Klammer, who mentor and support these fine student artists and student writers.  

Concordia’s MS/HS Scholastic Art Award Winners for 2020.  

Shin-yung (Elizabeth)C. -- Gold Key Painting ”Starbucks”

Shin-yung (Elizabeth)C. -- Honorable Mention Drawing & Illustration “Taipei Night Market”

Allison D. -- Honorable Mention Drawing & Illustration “The Lavish Pot”

Allison D. -- Honorable Mention Drawing & Illustration “We the People” Allison Dai Silver Key Drawing & Illustration “Sleeps with the Fishes”

Allison D. -- Silver Key Drawing & Illustration ”Biting Off more than One can Chew”

Allison D. -- Silver Key Drawing & Illustration “Consumable Proteins”

Lena H. -- Gold Key Painting “Alone”

Lena H. -- Honorable Mention Drawing & Illustration “Coping”

Lena H. -- Silver Key Painting “Iridescent” Lena He Silver Key Drawing & Illustration “Still Life”

Lena H. -- Silver Key Drawing & Illustration “Into the Subway”

Ellina H. -- Honorable Mention Drawing & Illustration “Unleashed”

Iris L. --  Honorable Mention Mixed Media “Waterfall”

David L. -- Honorable Mention Painting “The Red Wolves”

Chieh-Ju (Jerry)L. -- Honorable Mention Drawing & Illustration “Autumn Shoal”

Kenneth Q. -- Gold Key Drawing & Illustration “Self Portrait”

Kenneth Q. -- Honorable Mention Drawing & Illustration “Fantasy Landscape”

Kenneth Q. -- Silver Key Drawing & Illustration “Self Portrait”

Evelyn S. -- Honorable Mention Design “Zeitgeist Magazine: Volume 8 Issue 2 Cover”

Cathy T. -- Honorable Mention Painting “The Fountain of Youth”

Finna W. -- Honorable Mention Comic Art “Rainy Day”

Kelly W. -- Honorable Mention Drawing & Illustration “1966”

Jonathan Z. -- Honorable Mention Editorial Cartoon sponsored by The Herb Block Foundation “The Dinner Table”

Concordia’s Scholastic Writing Awards for 2020

Jaehee S. -- Silver Key Flash Fiction "Nectar in a Sieve: Pastiche"

Sophia C. -- Honorable Mention Personal Essay & Memoir "The 'Weigh' We Are"

Sophia C. -- Silver Key Poetry "The Dark Side of the Pool"

Sophia C. -- Silver Key Personal Essay & Memoir "The Night I Turned 40"

Sophia C. -- Silver Key Science Fiction & Fantasy "Customer 958"

Katherine D. -- Silver Key Journalism "Two Years Can Change a Lifetime: The Man Behind One of the Biggest Foundations Supporting Rural Children in China"

Alex G. -- Silver Key Critical Essay "The Presentist"