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Elementary School Music

Elementary School Music

Elementary music classes at Concordia follow the Orff Schulwerk approach, incorporating singing, movement, and instruments. Using imitation, experimentation, and personal expression, students in the Orff Schulwerk classroom learn music in a diverse and active environment that allows them to develop as confident, life-long musicians and creative problem solvers.


Christmas concert / Spring showcase

Extended Learning Opportunities

Orffestra - a co-curricular music ensemble that focuses on building musicianship and instrumental skills using class instruments including mallet and percussion instruments and handbells. We focus on making music as a group, developing our improvisation and music literacy skills and conclude with a short performance at the end of the Fall CCA session.

Phoenix Youth Choir (Gr. 2-4) - a co-curricular music ensemble for students in Grades 2-4. Students in this group develop their skills in singing through a variety of choral music, and present an evening performance at the conclusion of the CCA session.