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Fine Arts

Our fine arts program is integrated into student’s course of academic study and diverse co-curricular life at all grade levels. Through in depth study of music, theatre and visual arts, we inspire and nurture students holistically, encouraging each child to hone their talents and whole-heartedly pursue their passions.


Ten bands. Eight choirs. Five orchestras. And that’s just during school hours! Concordia also offers co-curricular music activities before and after school as well. Each year, numerous performances showcase the musical passion and talents of our students—some performances are discipline specific while others combine students from all musical programs for one knockout show. No matter your child’s musical passion or level of ability, Concordia’s music program is designed to cultivate a love of life-long learning and appreciation and mastery of the art of music.

High School Music Program

Performing Arts

Whether on stage or in the sound booth, Concordia students revel in the study of theatrical arts. Performance and production are integral parts of our theatre program and provide remarkable opportunities for leadership, collaboration and creativity. Our students learn to give and take direction, design imaginative sets and costumes, and gain confidence in their ability to inspire an audience through gesture, movement and speech. We seek to foster and nourish both an interest in and a desire to pursue the theatre beyond the halls of Concordia. Ultimately, our theatre program is designed to prepare students to succeed in theatre in multiple capacities—be it community, university, or professional.

Concordia’s dance program is unique in that it is student-centered. Student dancers create their own performance piece, including the dancing, music, lighting, costumes, and story-line.

High School Theatre Program
(Courses and co-curricular activities)

High School Dance Program

Visual Arts

Enriching each student’s internal artistic expression and creative thinking through the development of external technical skill, process and problem solving is the focus of Concordia’s visual arts program. The finished products are nothing short of amazing! Within a historical and cultural context, the curriculum provides a vocabulary and set of tools to enable each student to analyze and synthesize individual thought, perception, and passion and to share the outcome with the entire community. By developing young artists and teaching an appreciation for the arts, the visual arts program provides new perspective and creative thought that nourishes students in all careers.

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Our Fine Arts Facilities

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Fine Arts Curriculum

An extensive and well-defined fine arts curriculum is offered in all three academic divisions.

Elementary School Fine Arts

Middle School Fine Arts

High School Fine Arts

David F. Rittmann Center for the Fine Arts

Affectionately named after Concordia’s second head of school, the building was dedicated to the Concordia community on December 4, 2007. The Rittmann features a 320-seat theater, courtyard, dressing rooms, scene shop, costume storage, choral, string, and band rehearsal rooms, 2D/3D computer graphics and photography studios, and a lobby/gallery area. Designed as a center of creativity and enrichment, the Rittmann Center for the Fine Arts is the perfect learning environment for students and frequently houses school assemblies, special events, guest speakers and theatrical performances.

Excellence in Art Award

Concordia visual art students strive for excellence. The Excellence in Art Award is an award presented to two Concordia student s who have created the most successful art pieces in each semester during an enrollment in a high school art class. The award recipients are announced at the end of each semester. All Excellence in Art Award recipients formally display their work by the end of the school year.

Fine Arts Festivals

APAC Music and Theatre Festivals

Unique to the quality education offered in Asia, select Concordia high school music and theatre students have the opportunity to participate in annual APAC Festivals. APAC offers exciting 5-day theatre, band, choir, and strings festivals, which rotate among prominent International Schools within Asia. The theatre festival combines experienced students from six international schools and culminates in a performance directed by a re-known guest director. The Music Festival combines 96 experienced students from six schools to form band, choir and string ensembles and culminates in concert performances led by renowned guest conductors.

ACAMIS Visual Arts Festival

Select high school visual arts students may participate in an annual ACAMIS Art Festival. ACAMIS offers an enriching weekend Fine Arts Festival, hosted by various schools in China on a rotating basis. The festival brings together students from 8-12 international schools to learn more about the various mediums of the visual arts. Each festival features guest artists who work with the students and ends with a festival exhibition.

Honor Societies

National Art Honor Society (G10-G12)

The purpose of the National Art Honor Society is to inspire and recognize those students who have shown outstanding ability in the visual arts, academic excellence in other areas of scholarship; who foster a dedicated spirit to the pursuit of art, and provide service to their schools and larger community through their artistic donations. Members are inducted in the late spring. To be inducted into NAHS, one must complete 25 hours of service, maintain a certain GPAs in Studio Art and other academic courses, pay an annual dues of 100 RMB, and attend all required meetings. NAHS’s fundraising benefits Shanghai Sunrise, a non-profit program that provides educational scholarships for underprivileged children of high school age.

Tri-M Music Honor Society (G10-G12)

Tri-M Music Honor Society is comprised of select music students who have met set standards for overall GPA, music class grades, service, and personal character. Tri-M members meet as needed, 1-2 times per month. Each year, Tri-M students produce and coordinate an auditioned high school talent show called, Concordia Cabaret. Application for Tri-M membership takes place in late March with Induction taking place in late April.

Co-Curricular Activities

Pep Band (G9-G12)

Members of HS Concert and Jazz Bands
Pep Band members play at home basketball games and perform at school pep assemblies. Recent performances included YMCA, Thriller, Smoke on Water and the Concordia Fight Song. Pep Band is open to any HS Band member.

Annual Musical-Pit Orchestra Ensemble (G9-G12)

Members of HS Band and Orchestra
Auditions for the Musical-Pit Orchestra Ensemble are held in January to prepare musical accompaniments for the annual HS spring musical in April. Past musicals include Kiss Me Kate and Aida.

Phoenix Strings (G9-G12)

This auditioned string quartet performs at functions within the greater Shanghai area, as well as school functions and concerts.

Men’s Ensemble Choir (G9-G12)

The Men’s Ensemble Choir meets before school to practice; no auditions required. Participants perform in two concerts per school year. Recent selections include Shenandoah; Black is the Color of My True Love’s Hair; and Shady Grove.

Women’s Ensemble Choir (G9-G12)

The Women’s Ensemble Choir meets before school to practice; no auditions required. Participants perform in two concerts per school year. Recent selections include Dancing Day by John Rutter, accompanied with the harp; Pie Jesu by Andrew Lloyd Weber; and Simple Song from Mass by Leonard Bernstein.

HS Fall Play (G9-G12)

Auditions will be held Aug. 21 and 22. Rehearsals run four days a week after school, Aug. 26 until production. Additional technical positions include stage manager, assistant director, crew positions—lighting, sound, set construction, costumes, make-up and more.

Visit the High School Theatre page for more information.

HS Spring Musical (G9-G12)

Stage auditions and pit orchestra auditions will be held. Additional technical positions include stage manager, assistant director, crew positions—lighting, sound, set construction, costumes, make-up and more.

Visit the High School Theatre page for more information.

HS Student One-Act Play Series

During the course of Semester 1 students in the playwriting course will write 10-minute one-act plays. Students in the Advanced Acting & Directing class will serve as directors of these original one-act plays, while “Intro to Theatre” students fill backstage roles that work with lighting, sound, design, props, costumes, and more. In December, there will be an Open Audition to any Concordia HS student for roles in the one-act plays. This is a great opportunity for theatre involvement without the commitment to a full production! The plays will be evaluated by non participating Concordia faculty so students receive feedback on their work. Awards will include Outstanding Performance by an Actor and Actress, Outstanding Direction, Best Play and Best Design.

Visit the High School Theatre page for more information.

Phoenix Dancers (G7-G12)

The team practices twice a week during the first semester. The Phoenix Dancers perform at school, community and charity events. The culminating performance is the Concordia Dance Gala, which raises money to support the efforts of a local charity.

iLens Photography Club

Photographs capture the moments that are very valuable priceless. The purpose of the club serves to help capture essence of moments in Concordia students’ life, and help to them to make their memory a more lively one. This club will encourage, and help Concordia members to capture their life and experience in this country/city that they might be leaving one day.
In Concordia, everyone cherishes this opportunity to live in this wonderful and loving environment, and through taking pictures of our surrounding, we will be able to spread our feelings with many others. The club would focus on letting the Concordia community experience the power of observation, and how their live can be much more interesting and meaningful, as they seek out beauty in life through the lenses. These pictures and the emotions and ideas behind them will allow this community to be much more lively and tightly knitted , as we start to see our daily life in others' perspectives, and stand in others' shoes.

Our Fine Arts Faculty

My son's art teacher helped him believe that he could do art. Now he says he is an artist. Elementary school parent

Our qualified team of Fine Arts Faculty members are passionate teachers as well as practitioners, skilled in their own medium of artistic expression. They pass on their love for fine arts to their students through demonstration and practice during required and elective academic classes and in co-curricular settings.

Whether a student is discovering the fine arts or showcasing their already developed talent, our teachers are able to challenge the student to dig deep and express their inner artist.