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Intellectual Hub

Whether through professional-led workshops for students and teachers or our original Concordia Presents speaker series, the school continues to attract best-selling authors and leading subject matter experts from around the world to engage with the community.

Over the years, we have been honored to welcome a host of speakers and experts in various fields to our campus. From authors and artists to philanthropists and entrepreneurs, we have provided a platform for a wide variety of global leaders and experts to share their knowledge with our students, teachers, and parents. Some of these experts have visited Concordia for days or weeks at a time either in person or virtually to work with students and teachers in the classroom or take part in other special school events.


Face-to-face interaction with an expert gives students access to professional knowledge that helps further their understanding of a particular area of study.

Mandarin teacher Amy Chen.


Past Concordia Presents Event

Concordia's Masterclass Series

Did you know that MANY of Concordia's teachers are special experts in their fields? Not only are they some of the best teachers in the world, but they are scientists, artists, composers, authors… and every day they bring their experiences and expertise to their classrooms and our students.

The Concordia Fund has embarked on a project designed to share the experience and expertise of our faculty. Please watch our Concordia Masterclass video series, where our amazing faculty provide an educational experience for you, our parent and student community! If you watch to the end of the videos, you will also learn some parenting tips to best support your children in pursuing their passions and fully engaging in our holistic education. 

Please select videos from the name list below to watch our Masterclass series!