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Co-Curricular Activities

After School Activities

When coming to a new school, activities and co-curriculars are just some of many things that a new student has to consider. Friends, cultural differences, and simply adapting to life in a new environment are all parts of the moving process that a new student needs to focus on. Academics are an especially big part of the Concordia student lifestyle, and students often experience rigorous assignments and projects throughout the school year. Despite this, up to half of Concordia high school students reported participation in five or more school-related activities in a year, not counting any outside clubs or commitments. Even though the Concordia identity emphasizes studies, many students find their fit at Concordia by participating in after-school activities that match their passions, meeting friends in these activities, and finding which activities they will thrive in the most.

If you look at almost any sports team, choir, debate team, band, cast, or production team at Concordia, you’ll find that almost everyone involved is passionate and interested in the activity. The school definitely encourages students to participate in clubs and co-curriculars, but it’s up to the students to decide what they want to spend their time doing. Many clubs are both successful and fun due to the commitment that comes from the students. With such a diverse student body, you find people with all kinds of abilities, talents, and passions. If you’re new to Concordia, it’s highly suggested that you begin your involvement in Concordia’s co-curriculars by picking an activity you know you’d be comfortable in. Whether that be in a play, a sports team, an orchestra, or service-oriented club, try to locate a group that corresponds with your hobbies and previous experiences.

Not only should you look to join clubs that sound interesting to you, but you should also try to get involved as soon as possible after you’ve started attending Concordia. After-school activities are a great place to meet new people and get comfortable with the Concordia community. In fact, when given a survey, 100% of Concordia high school students said they met friends through the after school activities.

Finally, by joining activities you enjoy and meeting friends in those activities, you can find your place at Concordia. You can choose to be friends with people that share similar interests as you, or maybe you’ll end up befriending people you don’t even have much in common with! With such a diverse crowd at Concordia, the possibilities are endless. All in all, you’re guaranteed to be welcomed into any activity you decide to do. Once you commit to one or more activities, you can start to build your reputation within those groups, and your identity at Concordia.